Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Day 17: Favourite Supporting Male Anime Character?

Oh well, I almost never like the main characters, so all my favourite male characters were supporting and... ugh. Okay, now I really have to thiink... I just named SO many characters I don't even know... uhm... AH OMG I KNOW IT!! It is Jiki, again from Karneval, haha.

PLEASE lemme tell you what's awesome about him! Because he REALLY is an awesome supporting character and also he is completely underestimated!

Well, as you can see he is pretty normal. He wars ugly glasses (normally I LOVE megane, but his glasses are just... meh) and ugly clothes and seems to be a nerd and... yeah. As I said, pretty normal.

But Jiki is very intelligent and strong and things! ;A; That was a bit unexpected. For me - he always was just.... there. I didn't give him any attention and then... he took off his glasses....


I repreat: THIS turned into...

... THAT ♥__♥'

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