Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

Day 18: Favourite Supporting Female Anime Character?

Waaah I really needed some time to think about that. And Natsume Asako (Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun) is the only girl that came into my mind. Because she's really cute and a good friend and supporting the main character as much as she can. ;A;

Well, she has a kinda sad background story that makes her feel bad when she has to deal with guys. I can understand her well in that point. So she's a really selfless friend and omg I just like her. 

I really like her style though... she's very girly (and hates boys, haha) and I think that's just too cute. >w< Also she had trouble with finding friends. That's why she became a blogger and hates real life, that reminds me of myself, haha. 

With here friends she seems to be the Deredere type, but when it comes to a guy she likes she turns out to be kinda Tsundere. :o That's... also wonderful and cute. I'm not a biiig fan of Tsundere girls but she does it in the cutest way as possible so... awww. ♥

So please give her love and so on, she deserves to be more popular! ò.ó All of you should watch Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun and love the supporting character! :)


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  2. Sorry... ich hab mich total verschrieben. >___<''

    Also nochmal:
    Die sieht wirklich süß aus. Ich würde hier von Ayane Yano aus Kimi ni todoke nehmen. Sie ist einfach toll und ich mag sie total gerne.

    1. Hab ich leider noch nicht gesehen, steht aber schon länger auf meiner Liste! *__*

  3. Oh Gott ist die süß. Den Anime kenne ich gar nicht, werde mir den aber einmal aufschreiben und ansehen wenn ich mit Mirai Nikki fertig bin^^
    Mein liebster weiblicher Charakter ist Deedlit aus Record of Lodoss War und das seit 10 Jahren^^ Mikasa Ackermann von Shingeki no Kyojin finde ich aber auch sehr cool und vor allem extrem hübsch.


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