Mittwoch, 25. September 2013

♡ Essence colour & go ♡ 106 Free Hugs

Ohayou, my girls! (●´∀`●)
Today I want to show you my favourite nail polish: Essence colour & go (106 Free Hugs)! I think the colour is SUPER cute. Normally I am not the nail polish type (often I'm not patient enough to wait and so on) but this one is just too cute to not use it. (^▽^)

As you can see I'm not that professional at using nail polish (x_x') but I'm giving my best. As a beginner I can't tell you much, but at least I can give my best to honestly tell you guys what I REALLY like about this nail polish and what I do not like thaaat much.

First of all something about the appeareance. I really like how it looks, it's super cute! (⌒▽⌒)☆ Of course I LOVE the colour and I think the silver font fits very well. I like the name of this nail polish (Free Hugs). 

It's easy to apply (even a fool like me can do it) and I have to admit that it's easy drying as well. After one cigarette (yeah I know, smoking is bad) I was able to use my hands without destroying everything. It's very covering so you don't have to apply it like three times. :)

Well yes, that's all I can tell you about it. For me it's the perfect nail polish. I'm sorry for my lack of experience but time will make me more competent. (・◇・)


  1. Der ist wirklich süß. Ich finde bei mir selber so ein Barbie-pink zwar nicht so toll, aber generell finde ich die Farbe total schön.

  2. It's a cute and pretty pink! For painting your nails I can recommend waiting a bit longer between the first and second layer, so the nailpolish will be opaque. Good luck :3

  3. zuckersüße Farbe (:
    Alles Liebe,
    Neele von ♥

    Ich freue mich auch auf deinen Besuch - und deinen Kommentar ? c:

  4. Beautiful color!! I love this pink shade!!


  5. Halli Hallo ^^, danke für deinen Kommi :)

    die Farbe vom Nagellack ist mega schön. ich liebe Rosa, auch wenn ich so gut wie nie trage.
    wie viele Bänder gibt es eigentlich von Full Moon.

    liebsten Gruss Yumiko

  6. Den Nagellack habe ich auch!! :D Finde den auch echt toll. So schön die Farbe. *___*


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