Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

♡ Feminist Killjoy ♡

Ladies and gentlemen,
A few days ago I've been asked if I was a feminist. Because I'd write a lot about it (I only remember one thing, but... often? ó__ó). It was a joke though. But I just can't take it as a joke. I don't see a funny thing about that. And if you want me to laugh about it, make FUNNY jokes. So I just answered "Yes." And he said: "But the most feminists are idiots." ... Wow. Well, try being a woman for a few days and you'll understand what feminism is about. So I came to ask my dad if he knew what feminism is about. He said he doesn't know and asked me seriously if there are still differences between men and woman in our society.

I'm doing this post to write a statement about this topic and well, I guess you're not interested at all. This might be only exciting for two of my blog readers, haha.

1. Woman must be thin or skinny. Everything but fat.
That was the first thing I tried to explain to that person. In our society a womans looks probably matter the most. And nothing more. Media teaches us everyday that we must be thin, with tanned skin and tall to be recognized as "beautiful". His answer was that fat boys are treated the same as fat girls. But that was not even my point. MEN won't ever come to the situation a woman is in. Looking at a magazine and on the cover: a beautiful skinny woman. Turning on the TV: skinny woman everywhere. Going outside and somewhere is a poster: a hot sexy woman, smiling for the camera! Sure, there are also guys who like not-so-skinny woman. But, wow, that's VERY encouranging if the thing you MOST see in your life are SKINNY woman. And don't you dare tell me with men it was the same. That they also have ideals and things. How often do you see a man in a magazine and how FUCKING often a WOMAN? Don't use this VERY small group of male models to compare your situation with a womans situation!
2. How woman are supposed to look like.
For all male readers: EVERY woman knows this situation. Your skirt is short: you're asking to be raped/assaulted/cat called! Your skirt is long: you're boring and uptight. So... what are we supposed to do now? Maybe we should just give a damn about what you say. Our body is NOT one of your toys. Some men need to remember that we are not supposed to put on make up for them. But for us. If we feel like putting on make up we'll do that. NOT for YOU. Same with shaved legs. Who the fuck did just decide that woman MUST shave their legs to be attractive!? Why grows hair on our legs when it's THAT wrong that we're considered as ugly if we don't shave it? That person asked "Well, what would you say if I shaved my legs (it's a guy)?" My answer: why should I give a single fuck about the hair on your legs? Is is my business if you shave your legs or not? In my opinion everyone can do with their hair what they want no matter if they are male or female. What's the big difference? Both of us are born with this. Jesus cries. *sigh* 

3. So called "compliments"...
No, woman don't want to be cat called at all. As you know by now, we don't dress up to suit you. We're not born to be beautiful for you. We don't need commentaries about our bodies from you at all. Just let us walk around just the way we like. There was a picture this guy has shown me. There was a young lady, she was modestly dressed and held up a poster. It said "I need feminism because I shouldn't be shamed for being proud of my body and dressing to make myself feel good". He used that picture to say the stupidest thing I've EVER heard: "She says that she needs feminism because woman have to dress like this." ... What? Did you even read or did you just look at her boobs? What she says was not that woman have to dress like this, she said that SHE likes to dress like this, because it makes her feel GOOD. Nothing more, nothing less. What's so hard to understand? SHE DOES NOT WANT MEN TO COMMENT HER LOOK. She wants to dress that is makes her feel well. *facepalm*

So, that was everything I discussed with him.
Here you have some more reasons I need feminism.

  1. I don't want to be told, that I'd have to be in the kitchen or at home with the children.
  2. I don't want to be called a bitch for having a neckline while men are allowed to not even wear a shirt.
  3. I don't want to be expected to dress up for anyone.
  4. I don't want to be told in wich clothes I'd look hotter. 
  5. I don't want to be accused to provoke teachers or male students by wearing a short skirt at school.
  6. I don't want to be teached how to not get raped, while men could be teached not to rape girls.
  7. I don't want to be told that my behavoir is not suiting a young lady.
  8. I don't want to be thought of as an idiot by saying that I'm a feminist.
  9. I don't want to be called "boyish" just because I'm not what you call a normal "girl".
  10. I don't want to be called a funwrecker just because I can't laugh about rape jokes. 
And of this certain guy read this, I don't even want to hear your opinion anymore. Because I already made my decision to think like this. I gave you the chance to say what you think about feminism and nothing but bullshit came out. I don't need to hear your sexist opinion.


  1. Hey ;) this is a wonderfull post. i love it!!!!

  2. stimme dir völlig zu !! <3
    Immer wieder der gleiche Mist den wir uns anhören müssen >__<

    Toller motivierender Post, danke <3

  3. Hahahah I like this!
    Oh but if I may, I'd like to add two:

    1) I don't want you to "protect me". I'm completely fine by myself, thank you.
    2) I don't want to hear how women should stay at home while he man is working. We want to work too and earn our own money!

    1. Yeah, good idea! Those two points are very important too! :)

  4. I couldn't agree with you more. Been a feminist all my life and will never not be. There is too much crap that needs changing before everyone gets comfortable in a perfect world



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