Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2013

♡ Top 3: Favourite Shops On Storenvy ♡

Hello Ladies! (✿◠‿◠)
I want to show you some really sweet shops on storenvy. I KNOW you will LOVE them! You have to, otherwise you wouldn't follow my blog, would you? About storenvy: it's a platform where you can open your own online shop and - of course - buy the cutest things EVER.


I LOVE this shop because of their cute and beautiful wigs. For a few examples I made this collage down here. It's not expensive or anything, just very good and I like it. They also have other kawaii things like beauty things and clothes (a galaxy school girl uniform *Q*). 

(click to enlarge)
2. Creepyyeha

Oh. My. God. Creepyyeha will always be my favourite. I mean, just look at all those PERFECT kawaii and sexy things. *dies because of nosebleeds* I want those cute chockers SO baaad! *-*

1. Dolly Dynamite

Dolly Diynamite has the most kawaii and cute things I've EVER seen! They sell clothes, shoes and bags (and sometimes accesoires too). The prices are veery cheap and they ship from China, HingKong and USA. I can't wait to order there the first time. Here you get to see some of my favourite items! >w<


  1. Thanks for sharing these Storenvy shops^^
    I checked out Dolly Dynamite and they have really pretty clothing ♥


  2. Da sind wirklich ein paar tolle Sachen bei. Danke für die Shopempfehlung!!

  3. Wo, die Sachen sind ja genial XD Davob haette ich auch gerne so einiges!
    *haben will*

    LG, Jade

  4. great stuff!

    maybe we can follow each other?:*)

  5. All these are so cute.
    Mind following one another on Gfc G+ and bloglovin? I will def follow back. Thanks.


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