Samstag, 25. Januar 2014

Blog Presentation #5 ☆ Beauty, Trends, and Health with Lucy! ☆

Hey girls! 。^‿^。
Thanks for being patient and waiting for my new posts. I promise there will be more posts about me soon, but first I really want to finish some blog presentations, like this one, because I like this blog VERY much.

This time I present Lucy Hart's blog, which is very pretty and kawaii! Her blog is - as you can see - about beauty, fashion, DIY's and also about tutorials and korean make up, not to forget her cute circle lens reviews! (。・ω・。)

Let's start with the layout and blog design. It has light and cute colours, which I really like and is not too full of gadgets and widgets. There're some really cute pics at the sidebar which makes her blog look even cuter!

Lucy is doing a lot of circle lens reviews on her blog. She presents them with close photos of her eyes in different lights (and with and without circle lenses) and also with more distant shoots, so that we can see how it looks all in all. I think her way of presenting them is really good, because to see how good the enlargement is you have to see it from close AND far as well.

I loved her helloween tutorials SO MUCH! The finish always looked amazing and it was not too hard to follow her instructions. Her tutorials in general are well and easy to understand.

To come back to reviews and stuff. As I said she's doing also product reviews of mostly korean make up, which I think, is really interesting.

Her reviews are well structured, she's writing about the product in general, then listing the pro's and con's. Also she's making pretty pics of it, also with the products on her skin and however you have to use it.

Lucy herself is one of the most beautiful blogger girls I've ever seen. (❁´▽`❁) She is nice and usually leaves cute comments on blogs she likes. All in all I have to say that I really like her blog and there's not much I have to critizise about it, yay!

Visit her blog here:


  1. She is really beautiful! I love her make up tutorials x)
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  2. Ich werd mir ihren Blog auch mal angucken. :3 Klingt vielversprechend!

  3. Oh Amaya! I am thrilled to read this! <3
    I feel so sorry that I didn't react earlier but this post was put up during some of my most busy days. I had a big assignment to turn in for school.. I hope you understand > <
    Thank you thank you thank you for your kind words about my blog and I- it made me smile on a very stressful day <3
    I'm glad you like my blog so much and since I am a big fan of your, it was an honor to be featured on here ^o^
    Have a sweet sweet day, girlie <3

    Lucy Hart <3


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