Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2014

Easy Everyday Make Up Tutorial

Good evening, ladies! (ノ^∇^)
Today I am doing a small tutorial, requested by one of my lovely readers! It's neither professional, nor difficult to do. Probably you'll find better ones, and more professional ones. But if you don't have much time and just want to do an easy make up this is gonna be perfect for you.

Do you see how horrible I look in the morning? I have terrible dark circles under my eyes. (.=^・ェ・^=) If you look horrible like me in the morning, you'll need this, I guess. But most of the time I don't care how I look at school.

Things you need.

Just the basic things. All of those items were very cheap and I like them much. (=^・ω・^) I use mascara, lipgloss, kajal, eye glitter, powder and blusher.

First, I use the powder. For me, it's really important for me, because of the dark circles. ^^' Before applying it, I have to use lotion on my face because of my dry skin. 

As you can see, after applying the powder my dark circles are completely gone! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ If you apply a little of the powder on your lips, the lipstick or gloss will hold longer!

After that I use my pink lipgloss. It looks very natural, so I can really recommend it! I'm not sure if you can read it on the photo, so I'll write it again: XXXL shine lipgloss by essence!

That's what it looks like after applying. Really cute, isn't it? ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)

I use kajal, because I'm not good with eyeliner. But you can do the same I'll show you now with eyeliner too!

First I draw a middle thick line on my eyelid. The line goes a little bit behind the eye, it will help to enlarge the eyes optically.

At the end of the line I leave some space behind the eye and lead on the line a bit under my eye, so that it looks bigger! (^・ω・^ )

Now I use my super cool mascara, which makes my eyelashes soooo long! (。・ω・。)

Now my eye make up is almost finished! I just need the eye glitter I bought at Claire's!

How much glitter you get on your eyelid depents on how much of it you use. The consistency is kinda gluey, so I prefer to not use too much of it.

Now that I completely finished my eye make up I only need one last thing for my everyday make up!

My pink korean blusher! (。⌒∇⌒)。I apply much of it on both cheeks. After applying it, I blur it a little bit with my fingers, so that it does not look too pushy.

And this is how I look in the end! (*´▽`*)Do you have some suggestions for improvement? How do you do your everyday make up?


  1. I really liked this tutorial~! You did a great job putting it together >w<

  2. Ein tolles Tutorial <3
    Danke fürs liken meiner FB-seite. ^-^ Ich hab mich gleich gefreut. ^^
    Ich mag dein Make up eh immer total. Deine Augen sehen so toll aus. *__*

  3. Hmmmmwaha, lovely reader *^*

    Danke für das Tutorial!
    Ich versuche auch immer mal andere Schminktechniken, einfach weil ich so große Augen wie möglich haben will =3=
    Aber irgendwie klappt das nicht so ganz, vor allem, bei dem Liedstrich an dem ich mich seit gut ein paar Monaten probiere (Wingled Eyeliner...also mit quasi "Flügel") :(
    Wenn ich mal einen freien Tag habe probier ich das aus und evtl lade ich die Bilder hoch, I don't know.

    Aber du siehst damit so moe aus ~ <3
    Kleiner Tipp: Vor dem Lipgloss eine leichte Schicht Lippenbalsam, Das soll die irgendwie geschmeidiger machen or so xD Hat mir jedenfalls mal die Dame von Douglas erzählt....oder so :D


  4. omg i'll do a post like this in... a time jajaja
    easy and fast make up :3 really cute

  5. gefällt mir :)
    ich rate dir zu einer bb cream oder der catrice camouflage, die beiden lassen dein gesicht noch makelloser aussehen :) vielleicht möchtest du es ja mal probieren? ♥

  6. Heeey Yume, irgendwie sehe ich nie wann du was postest mhh -.-

    danke danke für dein lieben Kommentar. Das Tutorial finde ich super, & werde es mal ausprobieren :)

    liebsten Gruss deine Jana

  7. cute

  8. You look incredibly GORGEOUS! Even without makeup. You remind me of Kat Dennings -- oh my god it would be a dream to look like her.


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