Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

♡ Essence: Bloom me up! Trend Edition ♡

Good day, girls! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
Thank you so much for all your support and comments to my personal posts, it made me really happy. Today I want to write about the new essence trend edition "bloom me up!". It will come out in march 2014 and look at all those beautiful pastel colours! I think it's perfect for a kawaii make up.

Waaaah, I'm so excited! I want to have it all! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Let's take a look at the products. They say the "must haves" are the duo eye pencil and the new blush stick. I'm looking forward to see how good they are.

essense bloom me up! - mono eyeshadow

Those highly pigmented eyeshadows are perfect for cute eye make up! You can get them in those three colours: pink, rosé and mint. Also, they have shiny effects. An easy application is guaranteed.

essence bloom me up! - duo eye pencil

One side of this eye pencil is for the inner eyelid and creates a "wide open view". The other side optically lifts the eyebrows when you apply it under them.

essence bloom me up! - lipstick

This lipstick in pink and rosé is promised to be easy and long lasting. It makes a shimmering gloss in a medium opacity.

essence bloom me up! - blush stick

The blush pen (avaiable in pink and apricot) creates a fresh accent and a powdery finish. The rouge stick is retractable and makes an easy and practical application possible.

essence bloom me up! - shimmer powder

This finely pigmented powder in beige creates a shimmering finish on your skin. It's not that much information avaiable, so I can't write much about it.

essence bloom me up! - nail polish

The new nail polishes have bright, cute colours (pink, mint, apricot and lilac). Their effects are different, from pearly to plain. They are promised to be long holding and to have a high opacity.

essence bloom me up! - nail lace tips

Those cute stickers in white are self-adhesive and kinda transparent. They are printed that it looks like lace. You apply it on the top of the nail. I imagine it to look really cute.

essence bloom me up! - eye shadow brush big

This brush has a cute mint colour. The extra broad brush is perfect for applying eye shadow. The brush is very soft, so that it feels good on the skin. It's optimal for the smoky eyes effect.

essence bloom me up! - dou eyebrow styler

The duo eyebrow styler has two sides, and intensifies, defines and combs the eyebrows.

essence bloom me up! - big powder brush

The velvety-soft brush feels pleasing on the skin while applying and its roundet shape enables an optimal sputtering of pressed poweder.

essence bloom me up! - blush brush

With its finely brush hair the blush brush picks up rouge particels very well and applies them on the cheeks. The straight blush makes it easy to shade and model. 

essence bloom me up! - eyeshadow brush small

With its narrow shape the brush sits well in the hand. It enables an easy apllication.

essence bloom me up! - tools applicators

This eyeshadow sponge applicators are flexible and perfect to keep controll over the application. They're kept in an resealable pouch, in every pouch are five of them.

essence bloom me up! - concealer sponge

With its beveled tip it's easy and precise to cover redness and dark circles around the eyes.

essence bloom me up! - kabuki brush

The kabuki brush has a soft powder tip which enables an evenly application. It's suitable for every kind of poweder.

So, that was it for today. (๑>ᴗ<๑) I'm so excited for this new collection. I want to buy many things of it. For example the nail polish, the eyeshadow and many brushes. But I have to confess, I'm a little critical with the nail polish. I know essence is not expensive, so the nail polish wasn't always that long holding. We'll see!

What do you think about the new bloom me up! collection? Would you buy some items? Which are your favourites?


  1. Omg, everything looks adorable in the collection! I'd have to say that the brushes are the cutest though ahha, I usually just have wooden or black brushes ;o;

  2. Wow, these are super adorable! I'm not much of a make-up person, but I think I'd get sucked into getting the eyeshadows, and that rose lipstick. I also favor the nail polishes too. Those are some super kawaii colors! And I am quite the nail polish addict. I wonder if the "pink" colored items look different in person. They look a little more on the nude side to me.

  3. Die Farben sind wirklich bezaubernd!
    Mir haben es die Pinsel besonders angetan *-*
    Danke für den Post. <3

    Lg Kuri

  4. OMG *__* Ich MUSS die Sachen haben. *sterb*

  5. So cute stuffs! I love them so much x)

    ✿ Rinako ✿

  6. I didn't know they were coming out with such cute stuff. Just followed your blog ^_^


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