Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Top 10: Best Anime Duos/Couples

Today I realized, I didn't make any "top ten"-posts anymore. So it's time to do some more. This time it's about my favourite duos and couples in animes. -(๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ

Please notice there could be yaoi or yuri couples as well. If you don't like yaoi or yuri, may you should not read this post, but I think it won't be offensive in any way. (。・ω・。)
10. Kuragehime: Kuranosuke & Tsukimi

The nerdy and the drag queen. What a fabulous fairytail. Seriously, both of them are cuute as hell. Tsukimi is a jellyfish otaku with very low self esteem. And Kuranosuke is a guy who loves to dress as a woman (not because he's gay, just because he wants to be a fashion designer). As you can imagine, society hates both of them, but together they did something beautiful and their dreams come true. I love them as a duo and as a couple!

9. Paradise Kiss: Arashi & Miwako

Awww, I shipped them so hard! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ A punk and a sweet lolita. Isn't that an awesome idea!? They're like the cutest couple I've ever seen till then. They are always together and work hard on their dream.

8. Pretty Cure: Nagisa & Honoka

Nagisa and Honoka were like my childhod heros! The best magical girls I've eveeer seen when I was younger. They just remind me today of Lisa and me. Lisa is just like Nagisa, cheerful and kinda a tomboy. She loves sports and is quite brave. And I am kinda like Honoka, more girlish, strict and kinda intelligent (sorry for prasing myself, I more wanted to describe the character <__<'). 

7. Durarara: Erika & Walker

I have to admit, they are the best duo EVER (okay, in my opinion). I mean, they are just perfect for each other. Walker and Erika are always to be seen together, are both Otakus and think the same, always (just that Walker does not like yaoi but that's another story). They seem to have the same past and Walker is sad, when Erika is not around. Waaah! *feels*

6. Naruto Shippuuden: Deidara & Sasori

Acutally I'm talking about a not-canon yaoi couple. But also, they're also fine as a duo. Their abilities complement perfectly in a fight and I like their master-pupil relationship as well. Also it's cute to see, that they're always argueing about what is perfection and art. 

Ouran High School Host Club: Tamaki & Haruhi

Oh my gosh, a strange couple again. A prince and a tomboy, just too good to believe it's true. I just love these kind of couples, because it's not the ordinary "the little shy girl needs to be saved by a macho"-thing (I don't really like those stories). Haruhi is a strong girl and Tamaki really needed to fight for her attention. Girls Power!~

4. Clannad: Tomoya & Nagisa

They are more the "shy girl needs to be saved"-type of couple, but in the end, I have to admit, I loved their story. Also, they saved each other several times, so it's not that cliche. Both of them (the whole two seasons) moved my heart and asdfgh ;-; Wow, please watch the anime.

3. K Project: Mikoto & Reisi

Here we go with my 2nd yaoi couple. I can't say it's canon, because in the anime, neither the manga you can see them kissing or something. But deep in my heart I believe they really like each other. ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚I don't like those fangirls that much, who interpret yaoi in every action guys take, but in this anime it's okay, because as you can see the mangaka provoces such thinking.

2. Free: Nagisa & Rei

I'm sooo sorry to bring more yaoi in this, but seriously, how can't you love them!? THEY ARE SO ADORABLE OH MY GOSH. ;A; I don't mind if they're a couple or just friends. I this case they would be a super adorable duo! (-^〇^-) I love how serious Rei-Chan is, and then Nagisa-Chan who's just playing around all the time and asdfghj they are perfect. ;-; 

1. Hotarubi no Mori e: Gin & Hotaru

In case you haven't watched the anime, please don't look at the gifs up there, otherwise you'll be SPOILED.
Well, I ship those two so hard, and they made me cry so much. I've never ever seen a more beautiful love story than the one of them! There is no couple which deserves to be together more than the both of them. I just love the movie, you really should watch it!

What are your favourite anime couples and duos? (。・ω・。)


  1. Aaaahahaaaa, Pretty Cure <3 thanks for the compliments! <3 i love you!
    feels over feels, it started like a normal post and then IT DESTROYED ME ;A; you fucker.

  2. Hey! I love your post. I dont watch animes very often, so I found some "new ones" for me. ;)
    and I appreciate, you did not present Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask ☺

    Anyway,... why do you apologize so often about "yaori"? There is no need for it!

    1. Thank you so much!
      I apologize for yaoi, because those animes are not "boys love" animes, it's just my own interpretation, that they could love each other, and some people hate when fan girls always think friends are supposed to be a couple. I can unterstand that, so I'm trying to avoid that.

  3. Also Haruhi und Tamaki sind das Traumpaar schlecht hin ♥
    Wen ich auch ncoh total süß zusammen finde sind Natsu und Lucy aus Fairy Tail :3

  4. Miwako x Arashi sooo cute!!! Ich liebe Parakiss soo so sehr und die 2 waren einfach immer so super knuffig zusammen und überhaupt Punk x Lolita ist doch einfach nur ein Traum! Yukari und George liebe ich zwar auch, aber leider haben sie ja nie ihr Happyend zusammen bekommen. T___T *still crying about it*
    Eines my OTPs ist auch definitiv Taichi und Yamato aus Digimon! Egal ob Shonen ai oder nur Freunde, ich liebe die 2 einfach zusammen. <3

  5. One of my favorite couple is Kei and Hikaru from Special A!
    Very lovely post!
    Comment to me back, to keep in touch~

  6. Also ich persönlich finde ja, dass bei K Project absolut nix über MikotoxTotsuka geht (hnng </3), aber ich kann MikotoxReisi auch "nachvollziehen". Das Ende. ;_;
    Haha, Nagisa und Rei. xD Die beiden sind echt süß zusammen.
    Zu der Liste meiner Lieblingsduos gehören unter anderem auf jeden Fall noch Jessie und James aus Pokémon. xD Die sind da einfach nicht wegzudenken.

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