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Top 10: Saddest Anime Pasts

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I'm back with a top ten otaku post. This time it's about the saddest pasts of anime characters, I've ever seen. I just came to that idea when I thought about a sad anime and wanted to collect some really sad pasts. Please notice that this post is about my personal opinion, and may I haven't seen the same animes as you.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post! (“⌒∇⌒”) I'd also like to hear your opinion about it. What is your favourite anime character with a tragic past?

This post contains spoilers. If you don't want to be spoiled you can skip the characters you don't know.

10. Kokoro Connect - Nagase Iori

Iori grew up with five different fathers. The secound one was violent against her and her mother. If she didn't do anything to please him, her family would be in danger, so she decided to change her personality. Iori only said what he'd like to hear, did what he'd like her to do, and so on. Ever since then, Iori has made it a habit to alter her behavior to meet the expectations of everyone around her. Iori's 5th father, who passed away during Iori's 3rd year in junior high, encouraged her to "live her own life", a task she was unsure how to fulfill. [source]

9. Diabolik Lovers - Sakamaki Subaru

The decision which character from this anime to put here was very hard. Every male character in Diabolik Lovers has a very sad and tragic past.

Subaru's mother, Christa, was forced by his father into becoming his bride and then he raped her. Because of this, his mother who is already extremely unstable, put him through a lot - such as calling him filthy and asking him to kill her to the point of even giving him a knife. He grew up thinking that he’s filthy and unwanted, and he thinks it’s his fault she is in this state. With no one supporting him and telling him it’s not his fault, he vents his anger towards things which is why he is so strong. [source]

8. Shingeki No Kyojin -Mikasa Ackermann

Mikasa was a normal girl, living with her parents in a small house. This illusory peace was shattered when a band of criminals brutally murdered her parents before her very eyes in a failed kidnapping attempt by human traffickers who targeted Mikasa's mother as she is the last known Asian living within the Walls, as well as when she witnessed Eren Yeager kill two of the robbers in an attempt to rescue her. As the last of the kidnappers was strangling Eren to death for killing his friends, she could no longer ignore the cruelty that defined the world she lived in. As a result, Mikasa lost all inhibition and hesitation, and killed the assailant in a desperate act of self-preservation. [source]

7. Black Butler - Alois Trancy

As orphans from a village, he and his little brother Luka had been treated unkindly by the villagers ever since their parents died, which forced them to survive as thieves and pickpockets. Jim (alias Alois Trancy) expressed a bitter hatred of the villagers, and declared that everyone who was cruel to them ought to die. When a mysterious calamity swept the village and killed nearly everyone, including Luka, Jim was taken in by the head of the Trancy estate for the purpose of pedophilia along with a group of other boys. Although Earl Trancy originally despised him because of his "filthy" eyes, Jim set about seducing him, quickly becoming his favourite bed-mate and subsequent heir. Jim, parading from then on as Alois Trancy, received favourable treatment such as fashionable clothes and more freedom in the mansion. [source]

6. Jigoku Shoujo - Enma Ai

More than 400 years ago, Ai Enma was a human girl living in a remote village near the mountains. She was frequently bullied by other kids for her strange personality, and only had her cousin, Sentarou as a friend. At the age of seven, Ai was selected to be the sacrifice for the Seven Sendings, a rite where a seven year old girl was sacrificed to the Mountain God so that the village is given a good harvest. However, her parents secretly asked Sentarou to care for her as she lived in the mountains. Ai managed to survive, hiding out in a waterfall known as Mutsumi Ridge where only Sentarou would visit her. This would go on for three years. During this time, Ai and Sentarou's relationship developed and both of them became romantically attracted to one another. One night, Ai was discovered. She tried to escape but was captured and violently brought back to the village. Ai and her parents were captured, blindfolded, and tied up . The priest gave them their rites before they were hit by a shovel and thrown into a deep hole to be sacrificed. Ai begs for Sentarou's help, and manages to shake part of her blindfold enough to see with one eye. What she saw however shook her to her very core. Shoveling dirt onto her and her parents' grave was none other than Sentarou himself. Sentarou's betrayal brought forth an immense hatred. As the villagers bury her, she vows to hate them forever even if she dies. [source]

5. Shuffle! - Kaede Fuyou

Kaede is Rins childhood friend, and also their parents spent a lot of time together. After Rins parents and Kaedes Mum died in a car accident, Kaede becomes depressed and stops speaking to anyone. One evening Rin would come to her bed and lie to her, to take her despair. He said it was his fault her mother died. So Kaede started to abuse him and Rin just took her punishment to avoid her getting depressed again. Later, she realizes that it wasn't Rins fault her mother died. In order to atone for her actions in the past in which she mistreated Rin, Kaede decides to atone to Rin by making her his personal slave (such as cooking his meals and doing all the work around the house). Rin does not really want this, but he is afraid of making Kaede have a relapse by not allowing her to punish herself in this way. [source]

5. Soul Eater - Crona

Crona is Medusa's child, though the father is unknown. Sometime in the infant or toddler stage, Crona's natural blood is replaced by the melted-down Ragnarok's Black Blood. Crona is instructed by Medusa to kill small animals, trying to build a base of madness for the potential Kishin. For years, Medusa tempts the madness within Crona to slaughter for the sake of consuming souls. When Crona cried and refused to kill, Medusa would lock her up in a dark room, where Crona gets abused by Ragnarok. Crona is not allowed to come out, until she kills.

3. Karneval - Yogi

The prince and sole survivor of a massacre that destroyed his country (Rimuhakka) when he was ten, Kafka scientists implanted Cradle cells into him as an experiment. It gradually developed a split personality somehow who is known as Silver Yogi. For some time, Yogi was imprisoned in the laboratory alone, and slaughtered all the scientists and wrecked the whole facility after being shown a video of the destruction of his country and his younger sister being flung up in the air by a red tornado. 16 year old Tsukitachi and Hirato on a Circus search and rescue mission managed to find him in the destroyed laboratory among all the corpses, floating in the air, unable to control his powers. At first, Yogi attempted to kill them out of fear but Hirato managed to subdue him. Hirato identified him as Rimuhakku's prince based on the information they had received, and eventually Yogi stopped resisting. [source]

2. D.Gray-Man - Kanda Yuu

Kanda was originally an Accommodator and Exorcist of the Black Order, but he was killed by an Akuma about thirty years before the start of the story. There was also a woman in his previous life whom he loved, a fellow Exorcist who died alongside him.

After their deaths, the bodies of Kanda and his lover were taken to Asian Branch, where their brains were harvested and implanted into new bodies as part of the Second Exorcist Program. About twenty years later, Kanda awoke in the Laboratory of the Asian Branch to his fellow Second Exorcist, Alma Karma, hovering over his birthing pit. Alma helped Kanda out of the hole and alerted Edgar Chang Martin to Kanda's awakening so Kanda could get medical attention and dry clothes.

Despite the amiable first meeting, Kanda quickly became violent towards those around him, his relationship with Alma especially volatile, Kanda finding Alma's attempts to befriend him creepy. Having been artificially created and not knowing of the reasoning behind his odd birth, Kanda did not think of himself as human, showing child-like confusion and curiosity when Edgar explained the idea behind childbirth to him. At the same time, Kanda began experiencing visual and auditory hallucinations of a woman who, in context, expressed sharing a close relationship with him, though when Kanda turned to face her, she had disappeared, Alma remaining in her place.

During synchronization testing, Kanda was repeatedly severely injured, able to survive only thanks to the regenerative seal on his chest. It was because of this repeated, painful testing that Kanda began to hate Black Order.

Six months later, after his and Alma's relationship had improved, Kanda's hallucinations reached a point where it started to cause him both physical and mental pain.When the decision was made to euthanize Kanda, Alma took him and tried to escape with him. After their escape was intercepted by several CROW, Alma kicked Kanda over a cliff and into a nearby canal, telling Kanda to run, much to Kanda's indignation.

Not long after, Kanda's body revived and he synchronized with the Innocence of his original form, Mugen, his memories of the woman keeping him from dying. Using Mugen, Kanda escaped his confines.

When Kanda found Alma, though, Alma, who had also synchronized with his Innocence, had slaughtered the staff of the Laboratory and had made the decision to kill Kanda, as well. As Kanda and Alma fought, Kanda realized that Alma has recovered his memories, as well, and when Alma tried to kill Kanda so he could kill himself and they could die together, Kanda made the decision to live and fought back against Alma, hacking him to pieces until he couldn't regenerate and believing he had killed him. Many years later, Kanda finds out Alma was his lover he was always searching for, and he killed her.

1. Deadman Wonderland - Azuma Genkaku

In his childhood, Genkaku was part of a Buddhist Temple where he befriended and nursed an injured kitten. During his days at the temple, the other monks-in-training would harass him, beat him, and even rape and molest him.

When he returned to the Buddist temple, the Bhikku (ordained Buddhist monk) would ask why Genkaku had been in another fight saying, "It seems you can only sow and reap evil, Genkaku." To which Genkaku merely remarks, "I have no hate. They are probably suffering. They are weak, unfortunate, foolish people living in a fanatical world." Genkaku then prays to Buddha wondering if there is anyway to give those people salvation. He asks, "Why did you decide death should be 'painful' without experiencing it yourself?"

After the Great Tokyo Earthquake, Genkaku finds one of the monks that bullied him, injured and lying under a pile of rubble, pleading for Genkaku to save him. Later on, the Bhikku returns to the temple to search for survivors; instead, he finds Genkaku sitting under a shrine composed of the mutilated corpses of the other monks. Genkaku turns to him and proclaims, "I have understood the 'salvation' of the living." Genkaku was finally convinced that the only way to be saved from the world, is to be taken away from it.
Genkaku was then taken to Deadman Wonderland where he was chosen by Tamaki to be trained as an Undertaker for at least three years.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post! (︶ω︶) As you may noticed, some pasts are not as tragic as the ones it put on the first places. That's because I assessed it for the emotions I felt when I saw (or read) it first, and the representation it had in the anime or manga. As example, Kaede was a main character and I really liked her all the time. To see she has such a cruel past made me VERY sad and shocked me. It shocked me more than Emna Ai's past, even if it's worse. Because everyone knows Enma would have a sad past, so the shock was not as intense.

Do you know more characters with sad pasts? Who is your favourite character with a tragic story?


  1. Alois from Kuroshitsuji is one of my favorite characters ever!

  2. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is a bittersweet story. Clannad after story pretty sad. I can't think of any characters that has a sad back story though.

    1. Yeah, they're pretty sad! I wanted to bring them in, but I couldn't think of characters with really sad pasts in them. ;o; Maybe Tomoya?

  3. Oh ja. Bei Mikasa, Alois und Kanda geb ich dir so recht! </3
    Den Rest kenn ich leider nicht. Aber du hast echt ein paar traurige Schicksale gefunden.

    1. Oh, du kennst Kanda? *___* Wie wunderbar, ich kenne so wenige Leute die D.Gray-Man gesehen oder gelesen haben (eigentlich kenne ich nur eine einzige Person *sob*).


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