Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

☆ Amazon Otaku Wishlist ☆

Hello, my lovely readers! (*^ワ^*)
I didn't do any posts about my wishlists for a while now, so here comes an actual post about it! I like browsing threw amazon, because I always find cool otaku stuff.

For example these really cool looking Diabolik Lovers Drama CD's. To be honest, I just want to have them because Shu is on the cover, but I already listened to some of them, and they are really awesome. The  seiyūs did a really good job there. You can find these products here, here and here.

Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

♡ Liebster Award ♡

I hope you've been having a beautiful day! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
A few days ago I've been nominated for the Liebster Award, by Alyss from Alluring Alyss Beauty! That's so kind of her, it made me really happy. (⌒▽⌒ゞ Thank you so much, Alyss!

I won't nominate others for the Liebster Award, because I noticed many people dislike it and I don't want to bother anyone. (=´∇`=)

Montag, 16. Juni 2014

☆ Sweet Spring Shooting ☆

A lovely day, everyone! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Sorry for not posting the last weeks, we moved to another small village and we've been having problems with the internet, that's why. But now everything is fine and I can post normally again, yay!

A few months ago I've been having a lovely photo shoot with Stefan. He was really nice and funny, so we were laughing a lot and the time passed very fast.