Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

☆ Amazon Otaku Wishlist ☆

Hello, my lovely readers! (*^ワ^*)
I didn't do any posts about my wishlists for a while now, so here comes an actual post about it! I like browsing threw amazon, because I always find cool otaku stuff.

For example these really cool looking Diabolik Lovers Drama CD's. To be honest, I just want to have them because Shu is on the cover, but I already listened to some of them, and they are really awesome. The  seiyūs did a really good job there. You can find these products here, here and here.

Awesome Wallscrolls!

I really like those wall scrolls and I want them all! (“⌒∇⌒”) I wonder if I will ever be able to buy them. Oh well, do you see those Diabolik Lovers wallscrolls? They are awesome. I really like this anime at the moment (again).

The World God Only Knows FIGURES

Super cute, aren't they? I always wanted to have such figures and because I REALLY enjoyed all seasons of this anime, I want to have them so bad! (.=^・ェ・^=) Get them here and here.

(Durarara!) Merchandise

Ahhh, there's so much Durarara merchandise, that I just can't decide. I guess for the beginning I'd start with those two items, because I like Izaya and all. Click for the cups and for the figure.

Waaaaah this Rei figure is just too cute! And I think the bag is really cool, I'd love to buy it! There are just too many cool things in amazon, haha!


There are so many artbooks I want to have... not only the ones you can see here, also the ones of Amour Sucre and everything.

I hope you enjoyed thise post and found something you like! (●⌒∇⌒●)


  1. Die aufgelisteten Sachen auf Deiner Wunschliste sagen mir nicht viel (durarara), aber die pvc (?) figuren sind immer so verdammt teuer *cry*
    Wollte immer eine v Hatsune miku haben...gabs im sonderangebot....wenn ich kein geld hatte xD

    Ich bin mir sicher, dass Deine Amazon-Wunschliste riesig ist *same*

    Viel Erfolg beim Durcharbeiten dieser Liste ^__^

    ich wuerde mich mal ueber einen Post freuen, indem Du uns Dein Otaku-Zimmer zeigst :D

    Lieben Gruß,
    Yume <3

  2. Ooooh my gosh!!!
    I'm so happy I am not the only one who likes Diabolik Lovers! *-* It's my guilty pleasure and these covers are just wauw. I do agree, they did a great job there! I'm pretty sure I found some songs on Youtube from it also

    Lucy Hart <3

  3. Wirklich tolle Sachen. ^w^ Meine Amazon-wishlist ist ähnlich lang. xD


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