Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

☆ Dokomi 2014 ☆ (Saturday)

Good day, everybody! (★^O^★)
This post is about one of Germany's most visited Anime-based conventions; the Dokomi! I almost love this con more than the Japanday, because you can buy and see soooo much new stuff and I love all those Otaku things. ヽ(;▽;)ノ I bought some really cool neko-ears and my first kawaii alpacca! ๑☆‿ ☆#)  But more about that later.

The day before the Dokomi I had a sleepover with Jassi, a good friend who's living in Dusseldorf. It was really nice to see her again and we had a good time. The next day we woke up early and met up with Lisa at the central station. We then took the train and had a little bit of way left and went by foot. 
When we arrived we just realized the Dokomi is getting bigger and bigger every year. So many people! It was just impossible to buy a ticket. Good thing Lisa and I bought our tickets earlier. o((*^▽^*))o Jassi had to stay outside because she didn't have a ticket. :/

The Dokomi was suuuper! We met up with some other friends (Law and his nice group) and looked around. We found many things we wanted to buy but everything was veeery expensive. A poster for 5€... woah. Nope. After that we searched for Jassi and also found Kia. Then we gave them our tickets, so that they could also visit the Dokomi. While they were walking the Dokomi Lisa and me relaxed and made photos of Cosplayers.

She was so cool! She made her own version of female Prussia from Hetalia and I think it looks really cool, though I love the original female Prussia version!

I really fangirled about this. Because I think it's REALLY great! Also I love D.Gray-Man and was veeeery happy to see a Cosplay from that anime! The girl on the right side made both Cosplays herself! Respect!

My favourite Cosplay... he acted really in character, I just loved that! I also saw him waling around while playing the violin. I just fell in love. *fangirling*

This girl shocked us, because we first didn't see her because the background was also that dark and... wuuhh that was scary, haha. 

The next post will show what I bought on the Dokomi and how you use it. I think it will be really interesting!

Did you visit the Dokomi? Which Conventions do you like?


  1. Haha, du warst auch auf der Dokomi X3

    Die war ja wie immer richtig schön, nur echt zu warm X.X

    Übrigens mein ich die Anastasia auch auf dem Ball gesehen zu haben ^_^

  2. Sehr coole Bilder ^^
    Ich will auch mal zur Dokomi, die macht sich ja immer mehr. Sieht immer cool auf den bildern aus. ^^ Ich liebe Cons!!! Bald fahre ich auf den CosDay und ich gehe jedes Jahr zur Hanami. ^^

  3. Ich hoffe ich kann nächstes Jahr auch endlich mal zur Dokomi. ;_; Ursprünglich war es schon für dieses Jahr geplant, aber es ist was dazwischen gekommen. xD Wie das eben immer so ist.


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