Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

Personal Post #8: Being 18 now. ;(●´・д・`●);

Good morning, thihi. 。^‿^。
As you can see I just changed my blog design. It's nothing special, but I really wanted something new because the old one annoyed me to death. x__x' To keep you up to date I wanted to do a new personal post, the last one was before the Japanday, and well... yeah. It was a few months ago. ( ⋂‿⋂’)

Ah, and I also became 18 years old on the 26th June. I will soon move out from my mothers home and live with my waifu in Emden (on the 16th August). I am kinda excited now, because it isn't that long anymore and a lot of things will change.

The week before my birthday Lisa visited me and stayed with me until then. We had a great time and met some of my friends. In the night of the 25th June my father picked us up and went to eat with us (fast food). After that we took a walk with two of my closest friends and enjoyed the beginning of my birthday. The next day we had to wake up early because I had to see a doctor (nothing serious, but it had to be done). Later some of my friends had a little surprise party for me outside (on my favourite place in my village). They brought self made cake and it was delicous. After the little party we went eating with my mother and her boyfriend at an Italian restaurant and it was SO good. And that was it, I guess. ^^

I just realized that time goes by way too fast. I still feel like 16 and didn't even plan to become 17. I never wanted to become an "adult" but now I will have to take responsibilities for myself and everything I do, and I don't feel really comfortable with it at all. (•́ ॣ·̫  ॣ•̀,)՞ I think the hardest thing after moving out will be living without my dog. He always is the only one I am missing when I am far away from home.


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  3. Woops! It seemed something kept messing up and the last part of my comments were left out!
    (I'm not sure if I succeeded to delete the previous ones either.. sorry for spamming :x )
    I'll try again...

    I'm glad! It sounds like you had a great day and your birthday is 10 days after mine!

    Good luck with the moving out also. You must be really excited!
    I follow you on the last comment about time going too fast. In my mind I am still 16 although I turned 19 last month.
    I also hated the idea of having to take more responsibility and still do. But our friends (and precious readers) are there for us. There will always be somebody to help you if things seem too hard to handle for the moment, always remember that. Don't be afraid to rely on others, that is also responsible :)

    Lucy Hart <3

  4. tollesn eue blogdesign (:

  5. Good luck on your move! Wow you're so young to be moving out, are you going away to college? Happy belated birthday, btw ^ ^

  6. Dein neues Design finde ich viel schöner als das vorherige , well done ^0^

    Du scheinst aber einen angenehmen Geburtstag gehabt zu haben und während ich diesen Kommentar schreibe, wohnst Du schon in Emden, krass.
    Auch wenn wir nur verzerrt Kontakt hatten, ist es erstaunlich, Deine Entwicklung bislang beobachtet zu haben. Vor drei Jahren bin ich auf Dich gestoßen...damals war noch vieles schwarz und jetzt, sehe ich Dich mit einem Lächeln :)
    (trotzdem wundert es mich, dass Du Kontakt zu Deinem Vater hast, wobei ich das nicht genau beurteilen kann, wie die jetzige Situation ist, aber Du weißt schon, was ich meine :x).

    Fühl Dich gedrückt von mir,
    Yume <3


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