Montag, 18. August 2014

One day trip: Castle Stolberg

Good morning, everybody! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I hope you've been having a nice week until now. On Sunday I started a one day trip with my father and we drove to Stolberg and visited a castle! I like visiting castles so much, because I think the middle Ages were totally interesting!

The ride took us about two hours, but we were stopping in another village to look around, that's why it took us longer than it would normally (I'm really lucky to live near so many interesting places). We also got too go inside and look around (without paying anything, thihi) and it was awesome! They also had an amrory and a torture chamber. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

First we looked around the city, it was really beautiful and looked rather than a small german village than a small city (maybe it even was a village and I misunderstood something ^^' sorry for giving wrong information then).

I thought it totally looked like some kind of dream place everyone (who likes small villages, as me) wants to live in. They had so many beautiful buildings and waaah! (ノ^∇^)

There was then a cute inconspicuous street to get to the catle, but all the way it smelled SO good! I bet somewhere was a restaurant and they had steak or something. It made me really hungry all the way. ヽ(;▽;)ノ We then reached the entrance of the castle.

Beautiful, isn't it? I think things like that never get boring at all. When we started driving it was raaaaining without an end, but as soon as we reached Stolberg all dark clouds vanished and sun started to come out. We even reached about 25°C I guess (at least it was how I felt when walking outside).

To get to go inside you have to climb some stairs around the castle and it's getting quite high. Even my father was kind of funky while we did so. I've been amazed by the beautiful view!

Well, after a while we reached the acutual entrance and took some photos of a thing where information about the castle was engraved. Unfortunately it's not good to read at all (and it's in german anyways).

Finally, we got to go inside! We planned on visiting the castle's restaurant by the time we finished looking around. But first, let me show you what we saw inside! First we visited the torture chamber (the most interesting thing EVER, for me ^^).

The middle Ages where really dark though. Everywhere in this castle were those creepy dolls somewhere. First you don't see them and then they appear out of nowhere (I just thought some of them were real humans, it was kinda shocking). After that we were on the top of the castele tower. It was amazing!

After that we went to other rooms and then we found the armory! It was kind of creepy there as well because of that dolls.

It was a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed this post! See ya! \(o'-'o)/


  1. Wow, das ist eine richtig schöne Location *___*
    Sowas sieht man heutzutage nur noch selten.
    Du hast ein paar sehr schöne BIlder gemacht ♥

  2. Toll, richtig schöne Bilder. *_* Da würde ich auch gerne mal hin, hihi.
    Aber die Folterkammer und die Puppen waren ja schon etwas creepy. xD

  3. I love the middle ages too!! And it seems that Europe has so many castles that people can go visit, but I don't think my country has very many T_T) That castle you went to looks so cool, I'd love to visit a torture chamber! If I lived near there I'd visit everyday, I love historical things haha {}

  4. Burg Stolberg ist wirklich richtig toll. Vor 4 Monaten hatte ich dort auch ein Lolita-Treffen organisiert. Der Ausblick von der Burg ist einfach super *__*

  5. wow sieht echt toll aus ^^ ich war da noch nie, sieht aber auf jeden fall nach einem hübschen ausflugsziel aus ^^


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