Dienstag, 30. September 2014

Great Fashion Shop and Platform for Asian Fashion Lovers

Cross The Line is an Asian Fashion Designer Platform which gathers and promotes up-and-coming fashion designers from Asia, including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. Presenting their clothing and accessoires Cross The Line also shares inspiring fashion stories every month on their website. Coming to that topic, I am going to do a post about their October Inspiration "Black & White" soon, make sure to read it, because it's gonna be interesting (I always like good inspiration).

Learn more about Cross The Line and get an exclusive discount code (10% off for all items!!) starting by today till the 31st October 2014. 
Cross The Line was launched in early August. By now 11 awesome Fashion Designers joined their platform, selling their products from Asia to anywhere in the world. I want to show you some nice products I found on their website. Their style is really cute and cool at the same time, as you will see by these pictures.

Also, take a look at these suuuuper awesome bracelets! I love them, I mean... they are so cute and have spikes and are pastel colored (= just perfect for me, thehe).

And, as I mentioned, readers of my blog get 10% off on all items by adding the code "AmayaX". I hope you have fun shopping on Cross The Line! :) 

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